The River of Life

Lymphatic Cleansing

  • Good lymph drainage is necessary to carry toxins from cells.
  • Certain herbs or nutrients have been shown to help cells detoxify and help the lymph to move more freely.
  • One way the liver processes toxins is to flush them back into the digestive tract via the gallbladder.
  • This “toxic bile” irritates the upper part of the small intestines, creating nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.


Lymphatic Drainage

Cleavers – helps remove excess fluid from the body

Prickly Ash – is a circulatory stimulant

Red Clover – thins the blood and improves oxygenation to the tissues

Stillingia – improves the function of the lymph, liver, and kidneys

Guess what else is FABULOUS for your lymphatic system???????

Yep!!!!  Trampoline, Trampoline, Trampoline.

Remember, your lymphatic system doesn’t MOVE unless you do!


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If you live in the DFW area of Texas, come join me….


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