If you live near

the Grapevine, Texas area, 

 I would love to have you

 join me live.

 Pizazz Classes are at:

 1.)  Grapevine REC         

 2.) Altitude Trampoline       


  •   Click for info on each facility
  •   Details about each class  below

The 2 Virtual/Live classes

  can be taken

 live or virtual. 

You will ALWAYS


the recording.







  Pizazz Moves              Live                    Tuesdays/Thursdays          9-9:45 AM

  Would you like to have more PIZAZZ?  In this class, we use timed intervals to train the body in various areas such   as  cardio, strength and balance.  The intervals are full of variety using your own body and/or equipment such as   weights,   ds, bars and steps.  All ages are welcome and no class with EVER be the same.  We have FUN and   feel GOOOOOD!                                                                                

Pizazz Power 

 Pizazz Power              Virtual/Live          Tuesdays/Thursdays  10-10:30 AM

  Do you feel like you want to be STRONGER?  In this class, we use weights, bands, and your own body in   various ways to build muscle and increase your strength.  We focus in FORM, INTENSITY and POWER.   Everyone is welcome and class will be safe and effective.  You will have FUN and feel GOOOOOD!


 Pizazz Seniors                  Live                 Tuesdays/Thursdays       11-11:45 AM

  Are you over 55 and would like to have more Pizazz?  In this class, we MOVE your body, GROOVE your   rhythm and  IMPROVE your mind.  Options are provided for standing and/or sitting.  Equipment such as   weights,   bands  and balls are use sometimes as we focus on functional movements.  You will have FUN   and feel GOOOOOD!

Pizazz Stretch       Virtual/Live              Tuesdays/Thursdays       12-12:30PM


  Would you like to move through your day with more ease?  In   this class we explore the different ways to   stretch  your muscles in a safe and effective way.  Variations of movements will be given to be sure the YOU   feel  GOOOOOD!


2.)Grapevine Altitude Trampoline Park  (starting up again soon)

 Pizazz Jump                   Live                        Wednesdays               6-6:45 PM

 Would you like to feel like you are 5 years old again? In this class, each person has their own 4 x 4 ft.  trampoline   surrounded with padding.  Timed intervals of jumping allow us to focus on cardio, strength and balance.   You   will have a blast and feel GOOOOOD!

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