• This is an exercise to get you thinking and you can use it to take stock and take action  whenever you feel you need to.
    The questions are deliberately vague – so don’t think, just trust and write down whatever comes into your head.
  • So, simply answer the questions below and then, at the end, note down the key points and similarities you notice from your responses.
  • Feel free to take your time and get temporarily side-tracked as you consider your responses!


  1. TOLERANCES: What are you putting up with at the moment?
  1. SHOULDS: What do you think you ‘SHOULD’ you be doing right now, professionally and personally?
  1. FRUSTRATIONS: What things are FRUSTRATING you about yourself, your life, work, others?
  1. DESIRES: What do you REALLY, REALLY WANT right now in your personal and/or professional life?

              Personal                                                 Professional

Now, considering your answers above, what do you notice? Put the most important thing first, then the next and then the third
in order. Next, looking at your key learnings below, perhaps imagine what you could do about each of them within the next week.

1st Key Observation/Learning

Action 1

2nd Key Observation/Learning

Action 2

3rd Key Observation/Learning

Action 3

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