Sooooo… we are on the second day of our discussion about food.

Question:  Do you ever remember having to eat something you didn’t want to?….  Like maybe some “nasty” green vegetable or chicken livers or something that you thought was gross?  I remember my dad used to always tell us that we had to at least “try” a food.  Then, he and my mom weren’t usually too harsh about us eating something we absolutely hated although my brother tells a pretty funny story about hiding peas….hehehe.   As an overweight child and most of my adulthood,  I wasn’t KNOWN for refusing and/or not liking any food (sad but, true).  But, I can understand how if someone was always “required” to eat certain foods that were considered healthy and they didn’t like them… that when they became an adult, they would just REVOLT against ANY healthy food.  Can you relate to that?  In some ways, you may feel like you are secretly getting away with something.   So, if you eat healthy (or good food), you are letting your parents win… does that  make sense?  Now, please understand that I am NOT saying anything against any parent who is trying to teach their child about good food and/or the ways they go about it.  That is not for me to judge or comment on.  I am more interested in helping us discover why we may do what we do and eat what we eat so we can ultimately make the necessary changes as we pursue our health.

1.) Decide what is more important to you – that you WIN or that you are healthy, strong and have Pizazz

2.) Who is this “really” hurting?  If you don’t have fond memories of the way food was addressed as you were growing up and you are trying to “get back” at your parents… (oh yeah.. this is a real issue.)  It’s ok,  it happened to alot of people (I have seen it with my coaching clients).  Let’s just deal with it.  Pray about it, talk with someone you trust and/or hire a coach to help you through.  But, most importantly… get some help….it’s ok… really… you are not alone.  Unforgiveness… hurts us more than the other person(s).  You know that.

3.) Do you really think you are “getting away” with something?  It reminds me of when I was  a young overweight child and I was at the Penny Candy store… it would have been so easy to steal that stuff and believe me, the thought crossed my mind.  But, even if I would have gotten away with it once, maybe 2 times, eventually I would have gotten caught and had had to deal with the punishment of my parents (rightfully so).  In that case, it was the discipline I had to face.  In this case with food, it show up in and on your body.  You don’t feel good; you don’t look good, you have health issues etc. etc.    Just like I would have eventually gotten caught with the candy in my hand, we eventually get caught – not with our pants down, as they say… but, with our pants being too tight or just not feeling “right” in our won skin.  You are in JAIL.   I know the feeling… I’ve been there.

4.)  Do you really want to be “getting away” with it?   Ok, so say you have been getting away with this for years… ok you win… hehehehehe… so what have you got to show for it???  (Refer to #3).  Enough said, you get the picture.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo……If this resonates with you, I am standing with you to kick this baby in the butt.

If this isn’t you then great, please pass along to someone it may help…




If this has helped, please let me know.

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