Restore Professional Formula
Veggie Vanilla 14 Single Packets


Dr. Tennant’s® Restore Professional Formula – Veggie is a comprehensive, biologically-active formula with natural ingredients to provide the materials necessary to make new cells essential for optimal health and wellness at the cellular level. Designed with 22g of vegetarian protein, a diverse amino acid profile, an amplified vitamin and mineral formula, along with energy and immune support in one simple pack.

“Restore provides everything you need for cells to work with no preservatives, no filler, no-GMO, no soy, everything in methylated form and the purest on the planet” – Dr. Tennant

Mix with almond, coconut, skim milk, or juice for a delicious source of almost every nutrient needed daily.

Restore Professional Veggie Formula is vegetarian, not vegan as it contains ingredients sourced from beeswax.

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Soooooo… I’m drinking my RESTORE! 

I have never seen any product that is as complete as this one… period.

I take it every morning!!!!

This is just 1 of the amazing products created by Dr. Tennant.  I am honored to be chosen as one of the professionals to carry his products.

If you are interested in learning more about these and the other products Curador has, please shoot me an email Here and write Curador in the subject line and I will get right back to you.

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