Microbiome Support


Dr. Tennant’s® Microbiome Support Formula was developed to help provide the tools necessary to support a healthy GI Tract and Microbiome. With its researched and clinically proven ingredients, Dr. Tennant’s® Microbiome Support Formula supports these important aspects of GI health:

  • Health, weight management, satiety support (feeling full and not hungry) with soluble fiber.
  • Craving reduction for fatty or unhealthy foods by promoting a more balanced healthy GI bacteria flora.
  • Supports health for Leaky Gut with ingredients proven to support intestinal wall integrity, endothelial tight junction function, and health mucosal barrier environment.
  • Stress Management Support with proven adaptogens.
  • Immune System Support strengthening immune response and modulation in the GI tract and throughout the body.
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Dr. Tennant’s® Microbiome Support is a comprehensive formula with an array of “all-star” ingredients all combined in one product:

  • Lignite Extract
  • Immulox®
  • Propol A®
  • ResistAid™
  • CurQfen®
  • IAM® (Immune Assist Micron)
  • Sustamine®
  • Setria® (Glutathione)
  • Pepsin GI®
  • Organic Sunflower Phospholipid Comprehensive Profile
  • Sensoril®

Reset your gut, heal it, and help detoxify naturally with Dr. Tennant’s® Microbiome Support. Studies have shown that people with a diverse microbiome are most able to adapt to their variable surroundings.

Think of your digestive tract as a garden. If you water the garden, give it good fertilizer and nutrients, sunlight and all it needs to grow, it will thrive. When neglected or if nutrients and water are not present, weeds take over. Our microbiome is very similar. If we provide the support through appropriate nourishment, good bacteria, food for the good bacteria and remove the toxins in our digestive tracts, we too can have a healthy, thriving garden and a very healthy microbiome.

Jumpstart your microbiome and thank your digestive tract for all it does for you with Dr. Tennant’s® Microbiome Support today.

Microbiome Support

My Favorite Review:

Mary .United States United States

I recommend this product😀😊😍😋😁

This works!

I started taking the Microbiome Support after this Thanksgiving holiday, and let’s just say it did some wonders. I have not had any adverse reaction to this product, and I feel like it is working. My energy levels are up, and I’m not craving my unhealthy snacks! I am excited to keep trying this product.

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