Digestive Enzymes Formula


Dr. Tennant’s® Digestive Enzyme Formula is a full-spectrum, professional-strength product with 27 powerful, high-potency digestive enzymes designed to support maximum digestive activity for a full range of foods, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. Full-spectrum, professional-strength formula to help ensure that we have all the enzymes we need to digest all types of food.

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Dr. Tennant’s® Digestive Enzyme Formula contains a full-spectrum of digestive enzymes so that the body can digest everything it consumes. Designed to target difficult to eat foods such as gluten, dairy, grains, nuts, seeds, sugars, beans and broccoli.

As we age, the body’s ability to create digestive enzymes and process food decreases. Nutritional deficiency, stress and illness also play a role in enzyme depletion. Cooking foods is also known to destroy the naturally occurring enzymes the body uses for digestion.

Benefits of Dr. Tennant’s® Digestive Enzyme Formula:

  • Less embarrassing gas
  • Less bloating & constipation
  • Less sensitivity to dairy & grains
  • Less diarrhea resulting in firmer stool
  • Fewer odorous bowel movements
  • More regular bowel habits
  • Better overall digestion with less discomfort
  • Optimization of nutrition

Digestive Enzyme Formula

My Favorite Review:

AubreyUnited States United States

Game changer😀😍😊😋😁

I recently started experiencing a lot of heartburn. My first response was "I am WAY too young for this" - I'm only in my mid-20s. For the past years I've noticed a lot of new food sensitivities, and it seems like everything I eat just wants to evoke some sort of revenge upon my system. I've been popping Costco-sized containers of Tums for years, but that always felt like putting a bandaid (and a flimsy one, at that) on the problem. These digestive enzymes work wonders--as long as I stay within reason (no eating an entire pizza by myself. As much as I may think I can handle it), a couple of these bad boys with my meal and I feel like all I ate was a piece of plain wheat toast. Zip zap zooey.


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