How To Stretch Your Back When Sitting In An Office Chair All Day

Let’s face it; having an office job which requires you to sit at your desk all day can be detrimental on your back, especially as you get older. Plus, it’s difficult to maintain a proper back posture when you’re concentrating on your work. That’s why it’s necessary to regularly stretch your back. Here are some simple back stretches that you can do in your chair.


Seated Back Twist

To do this stretch, you need to sit on your chair and plant both feet flat on the ground. Then, while holding the back of your chair, twist your body to one side to stretch your spine. Be sure to keep your spine straight and don’t overdo it or you can injure your back. After twisting to one side, you can twist your body to the opposite side.

Chin Tuck

This stretch is effective to loosen the muscles in your neck, shoulder, and upper back. To do the chin tuck, simply lower your chin to your chest and stretch the back of your neck. You can also use your hands to push your head down with a slight pressure to further stretch your neck.

Lower Back Stretch

To do this stretch, you have to sit upright in your chair and make sure you have ample space in front of you. You then bring one knee towards your chest and hold it there for a few seconds with your hands. Make sure you feel the stretch in your lower back. You can then repeat the stretch with your other knee.

Seated Forward Bend

The seated forward bend allows you to stretch your whole back as well as your shoulders and neck. Just like when doing the lower back stretch, make sure that you have enough space in front of you. With both your feet flat on the floor, raise both hands above your head and bend down slowly towards your knees. When your chin reaches your knees, hold that position for a few seconds before you slowly rise back up.

Cat-Cow Back Stretch

This stretch is a very simple stretch which is great for the neck and upper back. To do it, sit upright with your hands on your knees, and inhale slowly while raising your head up and arching your back. Hold for a few seconds and exhale while dropping your chin down to your chest and rounding your spine. You can repeat this stretch a few times.

There are many easy back stretches you can do in your office chair. All you need to do to relieve the tension from your back is to take a few minutes every day to stretch your back. However, make sure you carry out the stretches slowly and with good form so you don’t end up injuring your back instead.



Hope these (along with the video) are helpful for those of you who work in an office all day.

Please let me know what other kind of stretches you would like me to demonstrate for you.

If you tell me what kind of place your work and/or send a picture, I can customize the stretch to YOUR workplace or at home (if you work there).  If you are a stay at home mom… which is a major job itself, let me know.

Bottomline:  Stretching is HUGELY important!!!!!!

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