Day 1 of a 7-part discovery.

Soooo… especially during this Holiday Season, what come to your mind when you think of food?  Do you think of a table laid with delicious, decadent food , like at Christmas?  Where you are actually SCARED a little bit as well as EXCITED???   That used to be me and I frankly can slip right into it again if I am not prepared and careful.

Or….do you see food as a fuel that simply had to be eaten in order to get on with everything else you need to do?  (especially before the holidays)

Is food a pleasure to be savored, (what it should be), a daily mundane routine to be taken, or a scary stressful thought of “what the heck am I going to eat that won’t make me feel crappy or guilty but, will still satisfy me?”

Take a few minutes and really answer that question… you may be surprised.  I know I was

How we view the food we eat and what we see it as being impacts our whole attitude towards it…. good, bad or indifferent.

Here is day 1 of our 7-part discovery.

1.)  It is part of God’s creation (Genesis 1:26-31) and HE….God said it is very very GOOOOOD!!!!!  (ok, so I added a few OOO’S)

2.) It is something that God had given to us – A GIFT!!! (we will explore that more next time)

for today, we just simply want to establish and understand that food is a part of a very good, created world

This is very important for us to grasp because sometimes we can tend to focus “only” or we have been told to focus “only” on things that are “perceived” as spiritual (like praying, worship and bible study) which I all love and do myself.  And that you shouldn’t be worried about food, health or exercise!!!  What’??? That’s just ridiculous!  In Genesis (the very FIRST) book of the bible teaches us that this way of thinking is wrong.  God IS interested in EVERYTHING that HE has created and how we eat is every bit as important to HIM as any other area of our lives.

So… think about the question above…. How do you feel about food?

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