While most people acknowledge and agree that your body functions better when you exercise regularly, have you applied this to your brain? When was the last time, if any, that you made an effort to challenge or exercise your brain?

  • Most people often neglect to think about exercising their brains unfortunately. While your brain functions automatically it still needs some added input from you, the owner.
  • This includes eating a healthy diet so that you can feed your brain correctly, getting enough sleep and challenging yourself. Just as your body, if left unattended, will get flabby and soft, your brain will begin to shrink and not function as well if left without exercise.
  • The best way to exercise your brain is to play some brain games. Brain training games help to improve your attention and focus, they keep your brain stimulated and alert.
  • There are lots of brain training websites online. One of their most popular games is the one you may have played as a child, 20 Questions. This is a fun game for children and adults and is a great brain stimulating game that can be played anywhere.
  • Getting into the habit of playing brain games on a daily or weekly basis can be a fun activity your entire family can do together. These types of games help to stimulate all the important areas of your brain including those that help with speech, communication, anger, concentration, attention levels and more. Many children with AHDH could benefit from playing brain games.
  • Every person can benefit from exercising their brains at any age. Playing brain games can encourage children who have difficulty learning that learning can be fun.
  • Seniors can benefit by stimulating and actually using all areas of their brain again. They can improve their attention span and concentration levels as well as their short term memory.
  • Your brain uses neurons to learn and these neurons group together into a network every time they are used. When a task is more difficult more neurons network into a larger group.
  • When you don’t exercise these neurons stay inactive and sluggish, just like your muscles do from lack of exercise. The minute your brain goes into action the neurons start moving, and this is a good thing. It means your brain is being stimulated again.


To keep your brain functioning well always pay attention to your diet, your sleep patterns and remember to add a few brain exercises into your schedule each week.

Oh yeah, and exercise is fabulous for the brain.  Check out this infographic:

For more info on the brain, visit Dr. Caroline Leaf.  She rocks!!!!

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