What if someone tells you that you can actually eat more but still weigh less? Punch them for making fun of your plight?

I wouldn’t judge you too harshly for that, after all bullying is a serious concern, but you should still consider apologizing to the person lying on the floor with a bleeding nose, because they were right.

Research has shown that the satiety systems in the brain are triggered by the volume of food that you eat and not the amount of calories that you consume.

So basically this means that if you eat less calorie dense foods, your body will full while still consuming fewer calories.

Generally, foods that are high in bad  fats and sugar pack a lot more calories per pound than foods that have more dietary fiber and water.

So you can indeed have a healthy and fulfilling diet, and still shed that unruly fat. Read the following tips to know how you can opt for nutritious food that offers ample nutrition but with fewer calories.

  • One general rule is to avoid a lot of “bad” oil, which, means no fried stuff. You will be better off ditching the deep fried french fries and eating boiled or baked potatoes. The rule applies for all vegetables and meats.


Pan frying or sautéing adds fewer calories than deep frying, but some oil is still added and even a tablespoon of oil the wrong kind of oil can add many calories and fat to your diet. I use olive oil and coconut oil the most (coconut oil rocks). Steaming your vegetables is a flavorful and extremely healthy option.

  • Everyone likes their food to be appetizing; by choosing seasonings wisely you can have the same quality of taste and fewer calories. A little lemon, orange or lime juice and zest can add oodles of flavor to your salads and meat. So can herbs and spices like basil, thyme, mint, turmeric, pepper and lots more.


Mustard and chilly sauces are usually less calorie dense and taste great, some ginger and garlic help a lot too. With endless options, you can experiment and get creative, becoming healthier at the same time.

  • Making a mac and cheese? Use brown rice past or substitute quinoa instead. Use skimmed, almond or coconut milk instead of whole milk and don’t ever ever ever use margarine… it’s loaded with chemicals that your body had NO IDEA what to do with.  Opt to use a sharper and/or stronger cheese as you can use less and still get the cheesy flavor.  amount of butter. You can also use light cream instead of the cheddar, it will take less amount of cream to make the dish less dry and savory. A few of your favorite veggies won’t hurt either.


  • Avoid sugar as much as you can. Use Stevia, Xylitol, unfiltered honey or agave when you need something sweet. Eating a fresh fruit will not only make you feel fuller than commercial fruit juices, which are loaded with sugar, it will also provide a lot more vitamins and minerals.
  • Use whole grains (not whole wheat) instead of the refined ones. Whole grains have more dietary fiber and various vitamins minerals; these are lost in the refining process.


  • Prefer lean meat, fish and poultry instead of the fattier cuts. Trim steaks of all edge fat. “Choice” or “Select” grades of beef have less fat than “Prime.” “Loin” and “Round” cuts have the least amount of fat.


  • Have an appetizer! A delicious but low calorie salad and broth soup before your meals will make you consume fewer calories; it has been proven by research.

Follow the advice presented in these tips and you will soon notice an improvement in the scales. Keep your pantry stocked and plan ahead, munching on some vegetables and fruits throughout the day will keep your tummy satisfied.

One of the most important factors is not giving up, experiment and find the foods that you enjoy eating. There are countless variations and options available which can make your meal both appealing and fulfilling.

Mostly, it’s just that you need to think about food…. as food…. not “non food”  which is alot of what is out there, now.

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