In the Pizazz Pipeline Party, you have special access to the Pizazz Portal which will have information presented in various forms for all types of learners.


  • Group Training and Sharing
  • Email and Text Support
  • Participation with Other Ministers
  • Recommendations and Recipes
  • Scheduled 1 on 1 Time
  • Prayer & Praise Reports
  • Recorded “Pow Wows”
  • Become a “Pizazz Paizan”

Renee is amazing! She is a bundle of positive energy that is absolutely contagious. She is totally on top of her game and I highly recommend her. She’s skilled and professional and brings sunshine into every room she enters. She knows what she’s doing and enjoys her work immensely. Every challenge makes her stronger and she will build your strength as well! A#1!!!

Sheila Hart

Principal, She Talks...

I am enjoying It all I appreciate your fun, upbeat attitude and great idea and suggestions!

I think this is much better support that other programs I have tried.

Carolyn Long

- Arizona

Renee is a high energy personality who brings the kind of energy to an organization or group of people that truly brings transformation. Her work is amazing. If you are considering hiring her, I would highly suggest that you do. Her work brings harmony, team dynamics and improves attitudes, behaviors and ultimately the kinds of commitments needed for growth.

William Winship

Chief Enterprise Leader , Portacle™

I am truly blessed to be part of this group.  It makes me refocus and stay on track.

Theresa Bottiggi

- Ohio

Renee DiDonato Errett is one of the most professional fitness coaches I have ever worked with; although her professionalism shines forth, she also has a gift of making her participants very relaxed while enjoying fitness training at its best! There are some people who are trained to be trainers, and there are others who are born that way – Renee operates out of the gift she was born with!

Donald J. Woods

Author, Speaker, & Life Coach, Pastor of Saturday Night Live

I just got my money’s worth in the first 10 minutes of this call

Kathy Supplee

- Arizona

Special ONE on ONE Coaching with Renee

Gain and maintain a positive perspective through:

  • One-on-one attention
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Laughing

You will discover your own unique and personal flow by improving on the gifts, passions and power within you.


Wanna unleash YOUR potential?

You will receive a health/life  assessment to be completed and sent back to me BEFORE our time together.   We will meet in person, phone or skype, and together we will  discover what your personal gifts, needs, and goals are.   You can share as much or as little as you like.

Then, YOU decide what type of Personalized Pizazz is right for YOU. When, how often, and how long we “meet” is up YOU. Get the picture?   This is NOT a “one size fits all program”.  And the name says,

It’s PERSONALIZED… and when it is completed,

you WILL have more PIZAZZ!

God had restored by relationship between by body and my body.

You are very encouraging and were able to instill confidence into unsure minds. You make us feel adequate.

Tisha Roripaugh

Still thinking about whether coaching is for you? Sign up for a 28 minute, complementary discovery session where we will:


Explore and create clarity around your Pizazz goals

  • discuss the “before” and the “after” –
  • talk about the pain and challenges of the current situation,
  • paint a vivid picture of what happens when the goals are achieved –
  • tap into the emotions and feelings


Create a roadmap to

  • support your effort and
  • define the building blocks that will lead to success


Uncover the #1 thing that is holding you back/blocking you from reaching your goals

Discover what you can do right away to help jump start your journey of health and wellness

Complete the session with the excitement of knowing exactly what you need to do to succeed

See how my services can support you to reach your goals


Sounds great, huh?  If you feel like you want some Pizazz in your life, email me HERE and write Pizazz Potential in the subject line.

Go ahead… do it now!

I’d love to chat with you.

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