No one likes to think about defending themselves against an attacker. However, statistics show you are probably going to have to defend yourself, and possibly your family, against some type of physical attack or confrontation at some point in time. Fortunately, anyone can learn basic self-defense techniques, men and women, young and old alike, regardless of their level of fitness. Just about anyone can perform the following 8 basic self-defense moves, and everyone should know them.

Note:  We DO NOT live in FEAR except a healthy Fear of the Lord… this is just practical knowledge that is extremely useful. 

1 – Practice Situational Awareness

The best defense is prevention. Attackers are almost always looking for vulnerable targets. Don’t make yourself vulnerable. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Thread your keys in between your knuckles when you are walking to the door of your home or car. Stay in well-lit, populated areas when you can. Very your daily routine so you do not become predictable. Being aware of your environment 24/7 can prevent an attack from happening in the first place.

2 – Aim for Sensitive Body Parts

This is not a time to be civil. The person attacking you certainly isn’t. Aim for the groin, legs, knees, ears, neck, throat, nose and eyes. Hit them, scratch them, claw them, punch them, stab them. You must inflict injury before your attacker has gained full physical control over you.

3 – Scream and Yell

Drawing the attention of others will stop many attackers looking for easy prey. Scream, yell, and get loud.

4 – Palm Strike To the Nose

If your attacker is in front of you, drive the heel of your palm up, under and through your attacker’s nose. If you are attacked from behind, you can swing your elbow from the side, or smash the back of your head into his nose. Most attackers never meet with any resistance. This move shows that you are not a victim, it causes severe disorientation, and blurs vision.

5 – Knee Kick

It only takes about 9 to 12 pounds of pressure to break someone’s knee from the side. The knee is an ideal self-defense target. If someone grabs your arm, turn your body to the side, and kick the side or front of the knee just above the knee. Drive-through, as this helps push you away from your attacker and hopefully incapacitates him.

6 – Finger Pull

Your attacker can come at you for a number of angles. If he or she gains control of you, and you can reach his or her fingers, grab one or more and bend them backwards. You can snap or break a finger quickly this way, and just as quickly turn the tables on your attacker.

7 – Neck Chop

The vagus nerve is located just below the ear on the side of the neck. Even a weak blow here can deliver intense pain, and sometimes muscle spasms. A strong blow to this area can cause loss of consciousness.

8 – Comb Rake

If you can get your hands on your comb, you have access to a powerful self-defense weapon. The teeth on your comb act like the serrated teeth of a knife blade. Rapidly raking them across your attacker’s skin anywhere on his or her body cuts just like a knife.


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