7 Ways to Escape the Need to be Perfect and get your Pizazz back!

If you’re a perfectionist, you probably find that it’s a challenging way to live. In most cases, it’s a road to disappointment and dissatisfaction. It can also have a negative effect on the relationships in your life.  If you want to have more Pizazz in your life, you will need to give up the need to always be perfect. Jesus is the only person who walked the earth who is perfect.

When you’re a perfectionist, it seems like nothing can ever be as perfect as you’d like. Perfectionism consists of demanding a higher level of performance than the situation dictates. The key to excellence is finding an optimum performance level to achieve good results.

These tips will help you escape your quest for perfectionism

  1. Give yourself a break. Eliminating the urge to have everything be perfect takes time. It’s important to start slowly and congratulate yourself for each victory, even the small ones. Set reasonable goals and reward your accomplishments. So, if you are on a quest to improve your health, just learn and do a little at a time.  It’s ok to NOT do everything perfect right away or ever.
  2. Provide everyone else a break, too. Trying to be perfect and expecting the same from others is an attempt to control them. This can be off-putting because others want to be free to act without being criticized. So, if you are trying to get healthy with a spouse or friend, but them some slack, too. Make others feel great instead of judging them!
  3. Learn how to see all the variations. Just because something is less than 100% doesn’t mean it equals zero. That’s an overly simplified way of dealing with the world.

 Avoid viewing everything as all-or-nothing. The subtleties of life hold most of the beauty of the world. Open your eyes and consider everything. It’s the little “different” things that add Pizazz to your life… think about it… it’s not the “normal” things that are all lined up, huh?  It’s the out of the ordinary things.

  • Learn to understand when something is good enough and then move on to the next thing. Spending more time or effort than necessary is far from being perfect. If you think about it, perfectionism a way of being excessive and inefficient.
  1. Avoid over-emphasizing negative results. View these situations as anomalies, rather than evidence of anything else. Avoid giving negative results more relevance than they deserve. For instance, if you are trying to lose weight and the scale isn’t moving as quickly as you like, think about how much better YOU feel, or your clothes, or how you are going down in size.
  2. Develop your sense of humor. With a good sense of humor, you can shift your perspective quickly and easily. Laughing is the BEST thing ever!!! If I didn’t laugh at myself and all the things I “don’t” do perfect…oh my… that would be sad…This makes it easier to deal with those situations that turn out less than perfect.
  3. Realize that most mistakes aren’t fatal. Nearly any mistake can be rectified. When things go in an unplanned direction, go with the flow. This can be challenging for a perfectionist.

 Avoid letting your emotions lead you to a negative, unproductive state. Instead, be proactive and start coming up with solutions that will still take you to your goal. They may include a temporary detour, or take longer than originally planned, but the end result will be satisfactory. 

  Avert the urge to use perfectionism as a way to procrastinate. Some perfectionists avoid beginning a task that’s less than desirable. Getting started and making a few mistakes is more preferable than doing nothing at all or getting started too late. A person certainly can’t be perfect if they never start…

  1. Perfectionism can negatively impact your life because it’s an ineffective and unenjoyable way to live. Learn to let go of your need to be perfect. You’ll be more pleased with your life and feel much happier. Your loved ones will be happier, too! These tips can get you off to a great start and help free you from perfectionism!


Perfection usually doesn’t have much Pizazz…

Which one do you want????


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